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Intro + My Mission

Updated: Jan 29

My name is Courtney, i'm a wife and mother of two daughters under two.

I believe pregnancy and birth is an elemental right of passage. I do not believe that pregnancy and birth should be treated universally as a medical event or a sickness that needs a cure. Rather, honored as a one of the most natural, sacred moments in a woman’s life. We must acknowledge that the way women experience pregnancy and birth not only sets up the blueprint for our babies nervous systems and lives but the way women perceive and therefore approach motherhood.

Now more than ever, women lack community and the story telling of past generations to guide them on their journeys. I seek to change that, by sharing my story, by walking alongside women if asked and creating a community of likemindedness - who through shared experiences can experience generational healing + knowledge for themselves and their families.

One of the most life changing things a woman can do for herself and most importantly her family is leaning into her God-given intuition and abide by it at every turn. I believe using that discernment to navigate pregnancy, birth + beyond will place women back in the driver seat of their own decisions. Women must learn to be their best advocates and an expert on themselves, so in turn they can do so fearlessly for their children.

We were not designed to walk through these milestones alone. It is normal and innate to seek friendship, community and understanding during such a blissful and vulnerable time of life. With that said it is so important to find providers, birth keepers, friends, etc. who align with your core values and goals so that cultural and generational trauma surrounding birth, pregnancy + motherhood isn’t spoken over you.

Pregnancy and birth have changed the trajectory of my life. I have never felt more divinely feminine and connected to my Creator. I believe birth is medicine and is unique for every woman. We are given what we need, to teach us something new in each subsequent birth. It is my wish for every woman that they may feel in its entirety and embrace every turn of pregnancy along with every wave of labour and emerge the woman and mother they were meant to be.

Welcome to my hub for all things woman. A place where I share words that emerge from places of triumph and places of loss. My goal is to support and encourage you through this life long season of ancestral birthing and mothering. A place for mothers can hail for community, support, resources, stories and more.

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